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About Adrian Berkeley

Adrian Berkeley is the founder and senior member of LawFriend. He is a Solicitor who qualified in 1993. Adrian spent his first years as part of Donns and Fentons solicitors litigation legal teams. From 1996 until 2015 Adrian  headed his own Legal Aid Practice, Berkeley Solicitors in East Manchester.

His formal Solicitor education was at Liverpool John Moores University and Chester School of Law.

Adrian has further qualifications is Litigation Tactics, Litigation Mental Reasoning, NLP and Trauma, and Jewish Philosophy. He uses his wide training and experience to bring a realistic mindset to the complicated arena of Litigation. Adrian brings warmth and empathy to the harsh complexity that makes up the English Legal System.

24/6 Legal

Advice Line (*not Saturday)


All work undertaken within client's funding ability


All advice given by Solicitors or Barristers


Not just a McKenzie Friend, also qualified Solicitors

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