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LawFriend has taken up the mantel of social justice to provide affordable legal advice in Manchester and the North West region


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LawFriend C.I.C. was formed by Adrian Berkeley in 2016 to fill the gap in Legal advice and assistance. The abolition of Legal Aid and the closing of many Community Law Centres and CABs has resulted in the demise of free or low-cost legal advice and assistance. LawFriend provides assistance via registered and qualified Solicitors and Barristers.

LawFriend is a Not For Profit Community Interest Company providing Legal Assistance for the best possible value to the residents of the North West. LawFriend is not a Solicitors firm and we are not regulated by the SRA, nor subject to the Legal Ombudsman. LawFriend is funded by personal donations and the Registered Charity - Distress Support Foundation.


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My Mckenzie Friend ‘Adrian Berkeley’ guided me through my divorce with full legal competence, professionalism, personal compassion and understanding.

At a time when you don’t know which way to turn Adrian brought logic into all situations and made me sit back, reflect and not react in an emotional way to any upsetting situations. Thanks to this I was able to make informed decisions and move forward through each step of the divorce process. 

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